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Thinker, researcher, author, social leader

Kanchan Banerjee was born in a small village of  West Bengal, India, where he had the first-hand experience of the Communist movements, including the rise of the Left Front and Naxalism. Later, he moved to the USA to study Computer science.

As it happens with anybody living far away from his or her native place, he also feels a deeper connection to the roots. From far Kanchan could see India in a different light. The India of the past, invaded, colonized, yet survived along with its cultural history and heritage.

He started questioning many facts about India learned from textbooks in India and the West, media, and literature. That’s when he began researching and studying Indian history in world contexts to determine why Indians are so naïve about their past and completely callous about their future and the way out for India to become.

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