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This book deals with history, but Kanchan was not trying to write a history book. It is more often an unapologetic expression of the Hindu experience of history. Some "scholars" will no doubt disagree with the his views but Kanchan seeks no endorsement, he just wants to assert that a Hindu worldview is just as valid as any other.

Sanjeev Sanyal, Economist & Writer


"This book is quite a big one but if you love knowing about India and its historical impacts in India, then this book will be a treat to your knowledge. The book says about the history of different faiths like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their journey, and how it all began and took shape eventually. The book also shed some light on the topic of Marxism in India and Karl Marx."


“The author has done a splendid work through this book, by giving us the opportunity to read a work so well researched about our India, and it's grand history. We get to read about the invaders and harsh impacts they had on our nation, about many other universities likes Nalanda University, how numerous religions came and settled here, and one unexpected topic i read was, "Marxism". It also talks about the Britishers, the National Congress and on some very recent topics of India.”

Enlightening history of Hindus in India through immense research

This is an excellent book with extensive research for everyone to know the true history of India and the Hindus. It clears so many misconceptions imparted on us by British rulers and even present day seculars. I recommend this book be read not only by all Indians but the Westerners who are living with false propaganda floated over so many years. If you want to get the true history of India and the Hindus, please read this book.

Line Magazine

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