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The Crash of a Civilization

A book on Indian history, emphasizing the impact of invasions and entry of alien ideologies and practices – religious and political, colonialism and communism.

The Crash of a Civilization

The Current condition of each citizen, the society, and the nation are the result of a deeply complex history. But what we know from history books, especially academic textbooks, are constructs based on the narratives of political powers, colonists, and outdated socioeconomic analysts. The time has come to know and understand our true history from fresh and updated perspectives. The subject of this book is how foreign ideologies and forces Christian, Islamic, and later colonists, western and Marxists' profound and long-term influence have impacted India, her society, and people.

With a computer science back- ground, Kanchan Banerjee makes this remarkable and significant contribution, attempting to depict the current era with unique and lively storytelling using carefully studied evidence, logical deduction, and analysis. He has given detailed and comprehensive descriptions and assessments from pre-Islamic Arabia's history, foreign attacks and invasions of the Huns, the Turks to the Islamic rule and occupation in Delhi, and the British colonial and imperial atrocities.

How did the crash and fall of a great ancient civilization happen? How has it been wounded the body and soul of a nation to break into several pieces? And what is the way to change the direction to the path of recovery and revival? This book is an effort to find the answers to these questions from our true history. If we know our past, we can change our future as well.

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